About the Consortium
As the central event of the XV session of the Congress it is planned to sign an agreement on the establishment of the Consortium "Euro-Asian Law University" uniting the leading law universities (law departments) of the EAEU member and observer states, as well as states interested in the development of trade and economic cooperation with the EAEU.
The Consortium - a single university space, which creates the opportunity of obtaining an international legal education and the implementation of scientific projects of international level, which contributes to improving the global competitiveness of the participating universities and their graduates.

The signing of the agreement on the creation of the Consortium will be the beginning of a closer, breakthrough cooperation between the leading legal research and education centers (universities) of the European-Asian region, and will also contribute to the intensive development of Eurasian economic integration.


1. Convergence and development of common educational standards of EAEU member states in the field of legal education
2. Creation and implementation of network educational projects in the field of law
3. Creation and implementation of academic mobility programs for researches, teachers and students
4. Providing the EAEU member states activities with highly qualified lawyers
5. Making recommendations for the convergence of qualifications of specialists in the field of legal education
6. Elaborating proposals to facilitate mutual recognition of academic degrees and academic ranks of the EAEU Member States in the sphere of law
7. Elaborating proposals on harmonization of the EAEU member states legislation in the sphere of legal education
8. Implementation of other international scientific and educational projects in the field of law
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