Euro-Asian Law Congress
The Euro-Asian Law Congress (hereinafter the Congress) is a permanent platform for cooperation and research activity of the professional community of lawyers in the Euro-Asian space. Every year since 2007, the Ural State Law University named after V.F. Yakovlev, together with the Association of Lawyers of Russia in Yekaterinburg, held sessions of the Congress. Professional lawyers - scholars and practitioners - from the member states of the EAEU, SCO, as well as politicians, representatives of state authorities and business are invited to participate in the work of the Congress sessions. At the sessions of the Congress priority projects are being developed to help increase the efficiency of the activities of these international organizations, the problems of legal support for economic integration in the Euro-Asian space.
It is no coincidence that law forum of this magnitude is held in Yekaterinburg, which, being the capital of the Middle Urals, is located on the border of Europe and Asia and is a key center that ensures the implementation of the policy of modern Russia in the field of industry, economy, education, science and culture. The main aim of the Congress is to ensure an open exchange of views on issues relevant to the legal community, representatives of state authorities and business.
May 17-18, 2007
May 15-16, 2008
May 21-22, 2009
May 19-20, 2010
May 26-27, 2011
June 7-8, 2012
June 6-7, 2013
May 22-23, 2014
June 18-19, 2015
June 18-19, 2016
June 8-9, 2017

September 13-14, 2018

May 2019
June 3-4, 2021
June 9-10, 2022
Cultural program
Executive Committee:
+7 343 375 06 70

Executive Secretary:
Feodor V. Fetyukov

Technical group:
Maria A. Alekseeva (Russian language),
Alexander M. Grigoriev (Russian language, English language),
Olga A. Avdeeva (Russian language, English language).

+7 343 375 06 70

Contact persons for foreign guests:
Olga A. Avdeeva (English language),
Alexander M. Vasilev (English language)

+7 343 375 06 70
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