On June 9-10, 2022 the 15th session of the Euro-Asian Juridical Congress "Internationalization of Legal Science and Education" was held. The anniversary session was held at the Hyatt Regency Yekaterinburg.
Overcoming the limitations of legal education and research projects in the national framework and preparing lawyers and researchers with supranational competencies for efficient professional activity in the whole Eurasian space and beyond its borders is of particular importance at the present moment. That is why the Plenary Discussion "Role of Internationalization of Legal Science and Education in Eurasian Integration" is planned as the central event of the business program of the 15th session of the Congress.
The updated format of the Congress also included a two-day series of discussion panels on the most pressing and acute problems of development of legal science and education in the Eurasian space.

  • Transformation of public authorities under the challenges of modernity (national and foreign experience)
  • Internationalization of approaches to providing full and productive employment and protection from social risks in the European-Asian legal space
  • Business in the conditions of sanctions: private-legal instruments to support economic life
  • Political-legal development of Russia in the first half of 19th c. (Factors of internationalization): on the 250th anniversary of the outstanding statesman Count M.M. Speranskii
  • Integrated development of the territories: the first results in Russia and the world experience
  • Constitutional identity and constitutional values in context of globalization: human rights challenges
  • Eurasian labour law and social security law as a factor of legal regulation internationalization: doctrine, practice, teaching process
  • New Challenges for Civil Procedure: Unification and Competition
  • International Law Doctrine and Practice: Between Scylla and Charybdis
  • Digital economy and law against the background of internationalization of legal science and education
  • Private law means of organization and "launching" of civil circulation of rights to the results of intellectual activity
  • International Law Teaching: does it need a reset?
  • Harmonization of systems for attestation of legal studies in the Eurasian space
  • Private law as a tool of implementation and protection of property and personal rights of citizens
  • Fundamental science in contemporary legal education: trends and perspectives
  • Judicial Activity and Criminal Procedure: Modern Challenges
  • Internationalization of Russian criminal law course
  • Legal problems of formation of international information security system
  • Control and supervision reform in EAEC countries
  • Education and science in the sphere of notaries and advocacy in Russia and abroad
  • Evolution of remedies for civil rights protection: from 1994 to the present day
The central event of the 15th session of the Congress was the signing of an agreement on the establishment of the "Euro-Asian Law University" Consortium, which brings together leading law universities (law departments of universities) of the EAEU member and observer states, as well as states interested in developing trade and economic cooperation with the EAEU. The planned Consortium - a single university space, which creates the possibility of international legal education and research projects of international level, which contributes to improving the global competitiveness of the participating universities and their graduates.
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