The eighth session of the Congress was held on 22-23 May 2014 in Yekaterinburg. The theme of the session: "Interaction of National Legal Systems: Current Forms and Trends". The work of the Congress took the form of a plenary session, basic expert panels and roundtables.

· Politics. law. security;
· Russia, the US, China in the context of economic and military confrontation;
· Evolution of constitutional legislation of the states of the European-Asian region: content and trends;
· Constitutional and legal aspects of the accession of the Republic of Crimea to the Russian Federation;
· Legal support for interstate partnership and integration in the field of economy and finance: problems of deoffshorisation of the Russian economy; problems of forming a BRICS model tax convention;
· International business standards in the context of harmonisation and unification of legislation in EurAsEC, SCO and EU countries; Russia and global energy security; EU foreign economic sanctions and investment in the Republic of Crimea;
· Jurisdictional Interaction: Current Forms and Trends;
· The development and interdependence of national systems of labour law and social security law in the modern world;
· The common and specific development of private law in national legal systems;
· Transnational and national concepts and models of criminal justice responses to pharmacological and pharmaceutical crime;
· Current models for the organisation and functioning of administrative justice in the Euro-Asian legal area;
· The interaction of legal systems: contemporary international legal discourses.
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More about the discussion panels
·     Plenary discussion: the role of legal science and education internationalization in Eurasian integration
·     Civilistics as an international phenomenon
·     International research projects – present and future
·     Constitutional identity and constitutional values in the context of globalization: challenges for human rights
·     New civil procedure challenges: unification and competition
·     Harmonization of legal professionals academic certification system in Eurasian space
·     Internationalization of approaches to ensuring full and productive employment and protection from social risks in the Euro-Asian law space
·     Internationalization of the Russian criminal law vector
·     Joint educational programs: potential and limitations
·     Integrated development of territories: first results in Russia and world experience
·     Eurasian labor law and social security law as a factor in the internationalization of legal regulation: doctrine, practice, educational process
·     Fundamental Science in Contemporary Legal Education: Role and Trends under Internationalization
·     Doctrine and practice of international law: between Scylla and Charybdis
·     International Law Teaching: Is a Reset Needed?
·     Transformation of public authority in the face of modern challenges
·     The role of labor law and social security law in promoting sustainable development: international experience and Russian practices
·     Media regulation in the context of the digital technologies development: searching for a balance between individual freedom and public interests
·     Antitrust regulation of economy and business in the digital space     
·     Judicial Activity and Criminal Procedure: Challenges of Nowadays
·     Education and science in the sphere of notary and advocacy in Russia and abroad
·     Reform of oversight activities in the EAEU space
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