"Legal integration of the Euro-Asian region in the context of globalisation"

On 17-18 May 2007, the first session of the Euro-Asian Law Congress was held at the Ural State Law Academy.
The first session of the Congress focused on the legal framework for economic and security cooperation in the Euro-Asian region and was attended by more than 500 participants.
Simultaneously with the EU-Russia summit which kicked off in Samara, the first session of the Euro-Asian Law Congress opened in Yekaterinburg, dedicated to the idea of and prospects for legal integration of the Euro-Asian region. It was the first time a legal forum of this scale was held in our country. Yekaterinburg was not chosen by the organisers of the Congress by chance. As the capital of the Middle Urals and situated on the border of two continents, the city is in fact one of the hubs providing for the implementation of Russia's modern policy on the development of Euro-Asian relations in the fields of industry, transport, trade, science and culture.

The Congress included plenary sessions. The plenary session of the first session was organised at the World Trade Centre Atrium Palace Hotel.
Given these circumstances as corresponding to the particular relevance for Russia of relations in the Euro-Asian region, the increasing role of international legal cooperation, both to solve specific professional problems and the strategic tasks of effective Russian entry into the global structures of the modern world, the Association of Lawyers of Russia organised the Euro-Asian Law Congress "Legal Integration of the Euro-Asian Region under Globalisation" at the Ural State Law Academy.

The plenary session of the first session of the Congress was attended by over 350 participants. The Congress was attended by representatives of the legal community from 13 foreign countries: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Cyprus, China, Finland, Germany, India, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Tajikistan and Ukraine, including: Alexander Trunk, Director, Institute of Eastern European Law, Christian-Albrecht University, Germany; Valentin Mamutov, Director, Institute of Economic and Legal Studies, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine; Yanglong Huang, Director, Faculty of Law, College of Arts and Natural Sciences, Beijing United University, China; Peter Patskivsky, Dean of the Law Faculty, Chernivtsi National University named after Yuri Fedkovich, Ukraine; Igor Sechin, Director, Legal Academy of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Minsk, Belarus. Mr. Y. Fedkovich, Ukraine; Professor Pistone Pasquale, University of Salerno, Italy, Professor at the Institute of Tax Law at the Vienna University of Economics, Austria; Cole Autar, Vice President of the National Faculty of Law, India; Lehtinen Lena, Professor at the University of Lapland, Finland, and many others.

· International and European Law;
· Constitutional Law;
· Financial, Tax, Customs Law;
· Administrative and Ecological Law;
· Civil Law, Commercial Law and International Private Law;
· Russian and International Civil Procedure;
· Criminal Law and Procedure;
· Labour Law and Social Security Law;
· Theoretical problems of forming Euro-Asian legal area;
· Cooperation in the sphere of legal education.
· Shanghai Cooperation Organisation: Legal Issues of Security Cooperation;
· Eurasian Economic Community: Legal Problems of Forming a Common Market and Prospects for the Integration of Legal Systems;
· European Union states and other states in the Euro-Asian region: legal issues of partnership and ensuring effective cooperation;
· Developing Cooperation in Legal Education and Science: Problems and Prospects.

· Inheritance Law in Judicial and Notarial Practice (jointly with the Federal Chamber of Notaries, the Centre for Notarial Studies and the Institute for Eastern European Law at Christian Albrecht University);
· Developing cooperation in the field of human rights protection.
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