The fifth session of the Congress was held in Yekaterinburg on 26-27 May 2011. The fifth session was organised as a plenary session, expert panels and roundtables.
V. Yakovlev, Adviser to the Russian President on Legal Issues; P. Krasheninnikov, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Civil, Criminal, Arbitration and Procedural Legislation; M. Sazonova, President of the Federal Notarial Chamber; A. Gredin, Chairman of the Sverdlovsk Region Government; Zhou Chenkui, Vice President of the Chinese Law Society;
representatives of academic and educational institutions; and respected experts participated in the forum and made presentations at the plenary session. The fifth session of the Congress was timed to coincide with the 80th anniversary of the Ural State Law Academy. The President of the Russian Federation D.A. Medvedev also noted this important date in his welcoming telegram to the participants of the Congress.

· "Problems of Improving Business (Commercial) Legislation in Russia, EurAsEC, SCO and EU Member States in the Context of Modernisation and Globalisation
· "Modernisation of labour and social security legislation in EurAsEC countries in the context of legal integration"
· "The role of the notary in the implementation of civil law reform"
· "Legal support for inter-State partnership and integration in the field of economic cooperation, finance, taxation and customs relations"
· "Criminological expertise in the system of measures against transnational organised crime" Round tables.
· "Modernisation of constitutional law in the Euro-Asian legal space".
· "Modernising Russia's civil legislation: continuing the debate".
· "Mediation in notarial activities: main models and particularities of their implementation".
· "The Formation and Development of the Euro-Asian Legal Space: Theoretical, Historical and Philosophical Contexts".
· "Modernising anti-corruption legislation in the Euro-Asian legal space".
· "Problems of integration in the Euro-Asian region: the relationship between international legal and domestic regulation".
· "Problems of Improving the Legislation of Russia and Foreign Countries on Public and Municipal Service".
· "Legal Education: Problems and Prospects".
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More about the discussion panels
·     Plenary discussion: the role of legal science and education internationalization in Eurasian integration
·     Civilistics as an international phenomenon
·     International research projects – present and future
·     Constitutional identity and constitutional values in the context of globalization: challenges for human rights
·     New civil procedure challenges: unification and competition
·     Harmonization of legal professionals academic certification system in Eurasian space
·     Internationalization of approaches to ensuring full and productive employment and protection from social risks in the Euro-Asian law space
·     Internationalization of the Russian criminal law vector
·     Joint educational programs: potential and limitations
·     Integrated development of territories: first results in Russia and world experience
·     Eurasian labor law and social security law as a factor in the internationalization of legal regulation: doctrine, practice, educational process
·     Fundamental Science in Contemporary Legal Education: Role and Trends under Internationalization
·     Doctrine and practice of international law: between Scylla and Charybdis
·     International Law Teaching: Is a Reset Needed?
·     Transformation of public authority in the face of modern challenges
·     The role of labor law and social security law in promoting sustainable development: international experience and Russian practices
·     Media regulation in the context of the digital technologies development: searching for a balance between individual freedom and public interests
·     Antitrust regulation of economy and business in the digital space     
·     Judicial Activity and Criminal Procedure: Challenges of Nowadays
·     Education and science in the sphere of notary and advocacy in Russia and abroad
·     Reform of oversight activities in the EAEU space
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